Patient Testimonials 


"I lost a filling on Sunday afternoon and called Monday morning, not only could they me see me that day but I was told if I had called the emergency phone number he would have come in on Sunday!!! 

The staff and the doctor made me feel comfortable, and at ease (since I have a HUGE fear of dentist).
He gave me the information and the resources I needed to make the decision oh my treatment. I was so pleased when I choose to just patch it for the time being that he didn't even have to numb me .
I am actually looking forward to continuing my dental treatment with Dr. Karimian."

Jan P. | Martinez, CA | 5 Stars |

"Dr. Karimian and his wife met me at his office on Black Friday because I broke my front tooth on Thanksgiving. His kindness, flexibility, and professionalism is stellar. His work is excellent. If that isn't enough, I am not even a current patient! So much gratitude and thanks to Dr. Karimian.

Leslie W. | Oakland, CA5 star |

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